5 steps to the BEST cinematic footage – DJI Mavic Pro

Published on 02/06/2017

In depth testing of the DJI Mavic Pro footage plus noise flicker solution.
D-Log Corrective LUT : http://geni.us/Kq97Igc
De-flicker presets for Neat Video : http://geni.us/yeFUVl

Low light noise profiles : http://geni.us/gwMYpjU
Favorite Mavic accessories : http://geni.us/MkPcR
Download Neat Video plugin – http://geni.us/NeatVideo

➜ Buy The Mavic : http://geni.us/kmHC

Mavic Pro sharpest settings video : https://youtu.be/ZEQvOAsY6ks


In this video I go into see in-depth testing of the Mavic’s camera. I tested the rumors of 2.7k vs 4k sharpness by shooting a test chart. It’s clear that the 4k resolves more detail, but further tests show that it also contains a bit more noise.

Comparing color profiles shows that D-log has a better highlight rolloff, and can be corrected back to D-Cinelike gamma with a corrective LUT found here : http://geni.us/Kq97Igc

The noise flicker problem is sometimes mistaken for over sharpening. It’ caused by the Mavic’s aggressive inter frame compression, causing the noise to re-appear every 8th frame. This requires sophisticated noise reduction to remove.

For a simple, no processing settings I suggest 2.7k – D-Cinelike, +1-1-1
For the best sharpness and quality I suggest 4k – D-Log, +1,-1,-1 along with the corrective LUT and Neat Video to de-noise the image.

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➜ DJI Mavic Gear List:
Polarizer/ND combo for Mavic (great for high sun shooting) : http://geni.us/mjMopXf
Lens Shade (use this!) http://geni.us/MavicLensShade
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Shot with this 4k camera : http://geni.us/80p2BjS
Lens used : http://geni.us/JbNvDC

➜ Our work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rGuXYAQb8s&list=PLTnWp1VRTPwYHhRjjdWvPFP78y_8oSsHf

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Review: Xiaomi classic backpack, urban professional (4 min 25 sec)


Quick demo Xiaomi bag (2 min 0 sec)

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