DJI Mavic Pro Expo, Braking, Sensitivity, and Gain Explained!

Published on 01/08/2017

Today we’re going to be talking about exponential curves and how they relate to the Mavic Pro’s performance. We will also be covering Sensitivity and gain as it relates to the Mavic as well. So let’s get into it.

DJI Mavic Pro Expo, Braking, Sensitivity, and Gain Explained!

We’ll start off with Expo. Expo or Exponential curves change the response curve from a straight line (linear) to an S-curve, flatter in the middle (less sensitive) and steeper at the extremes. This means you get more precise control in the range around neutral where most flying takes place, while still retaining full “throw” when needed. Expo is mainly an end-user or pilot preferred setting. Most use expo to make the sticks less sensitive at center. This allows for finger twitch or shake to have less of an impact on your flying than it would if the control inputs were directly related to the aircrafts output.
What other uses does this have? Well, for sports mode, were the yaw settings are jacked way up, it allows you to dumb down the movements to a more manageable setting.

Stick sensitivity increases or decreases the RC control sticks sensitivity curve in all directions, the throttle stick can be set to how much power is delivered as you move the stick forwards too. It helps the Mavic Pro fly less aggressively, or more, as you become smooth and calm on the RC sticks. Sensitivity should be left alone if you are a novice pilot, and then played with more as you learn and progress as a pilot.
Braking, reduces the amount of time it takes the Mavic to stop once the stick inputs are released. This setting can save you from a nasty crash if you’re flying up to an obstacle at a brisk pace and needing the bird to stop suddenly and not continue a slow, drifting halt… If you increase brakes to lets say 130% the bird will stop a lot more aggressively if you let go of the stick. If you reduce the brakes to 70% the bird will brake lot less, it will be a smoother option but also it will go way longer till it stops.

Gain is the amount of sensitivity the Mavic Pro to external conditions. (IE wind) And should only be adjusted if you really need it. Which you probably won’t.

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