Watch This Before You Buy the DJI Phantom 4 Pro – Hands on Review

Published on 13/02/2017

Phantom 4 Pro (Standard Version):
Phantom 4 Pro+ (5.5 inch Display):
Phantom 4:

My favorite app for the Phantom:
for iPhone:
for iPad:

:01- 2:21 – Intro
2:21- 3:30 – Phantom 4 Pro First Look
3:30 – 10:17 – Phantom 4 VS Phantom 4 Pro
10:17 – 10:50 – What’s in the box
10:50 – 12:24 – DJI GO 4.0 App
12:24 – 14:13 – Flying & New Return Home feature
14:13 – 16:06 – Transmitter Flight Modes
16:06 – 23:25 – Intelligent Flight Modes
23:25 – 24:30 – Conclusion

** A couple corrections to the video:
1) “A” mode is” actually called Attitude, not Altitude – but it still holds altitude 🙂
2) In Gesture mode, the front lights blink to signal you’ve taken a photo

The new Phantom 4 Pro is an AMAZING DRONE! The camera is 4Xs the size of the Phantom 4 and capable of shooting video in UHD 4K @ 60fps with 100mbps bit rate! H.265 available (4K @ 30fps). It now has a 360 obstacle avoidance with a slightly longer battery life. Luckily if you have a Phantom 4 battery, it will work with the new Phantom 4 Pro.The lens filter size if different though! The Phantom 4 Pro has 10 easy to use Intelligent flight modes including Draw, Gesture, Active Track, TapFly, Tripod, Terrain Follow, Point of Interest, WayPoints, Homelock, and Course Lock! This is the best drone in this price range no doubt, but I’m sure 8-12 months into the future DJI will be releasing the Phantom 5 with retractical landing gear and the Mavic Pro 2 with 360 obstacle avoidance and an upgraded 1″ sensor (just like the phantom 4 pro) But only time will tell! Some other differences I didn’t mention is that the Phantom 4 Pro is much louder (internal fans) than the Phantom 4! The transmitter on the Phantom 4 Pro will charge your phone while it’s plugged in, the Phantom 4 transmitter would not. The Phantom 4 Pro lands MUCH more smoothly than the Phantom 4! The Phantom 4 Pro will also hold 128GB card where the Phantom 4 only held a 64GB card.

***Become a drone Pilot: **
***MUSIC BY GUNNER OLSEN*** and Letterbox
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