FIMI X8 FW update FC 1056F Aug 14

Published on 14/08/2019

New FW download popped up and made FC update to FC 1056F from 1055I.

The reason for update;
1. Fix the problem of no joystick information in flight playback
2. Optimize some fault code prompts
3. Optimize data of compass calibration

I do not know what is for 1) as I have not used before.

Timeline is;

0:02 Firmware update
0:50 Update completed
0:55 Click update now for Start Updating
1:10 Reconnected
1:11 Click update now for Start Updating
1:30 Update completed
1:35 Back to FPV screen after updating
1:45 Setting check
2:05 Firmware update FC 1056F from previous FC 1055I

FW update history is;


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