Cool w.* piddle-poor** flight of my Hubsan X4 Star PRO H507A GPS Camera Drone 03-15-19 (720p) (1)

Published on 15/03/2019

Cool weather* piddle-poor** flight of my Hubsan X4 Star PRO H507A GPS R/C Camera Drone 03-15-19 (720p) (1).

Flight took place (launched anyway) in the airspace over 4504 N. Valentine Ave. in Fresno CA. USA at 6:44am PST on 03-15-19 (or, (or, “2019-03-15T06:44” or “2019 15 Mar.” or even, “March 15, Twenty Stick-Seriously-Fracked-Up-Stick” if you prefer).

Weather conditions at flight time were mostly clear, temperature was 38°F (3.3°C), and winds measured with my stupid “rotten zebra pee yellow” portable digital “windometer” (as JD from JD Quad in the UK calls them even though those things are actually called, “anemometers”) 😉 were generally clam at the surface.

The music that you hear is zax from the coin-op arcade video game, “Afterburner ][” by Sega from 1987.
This product is not audio (sound)-sensitive in any manner; the music may safely be ignored or even muted if it pisses you off.

That greenish-blue “flare” that you see near the beginning and end of the flight was me taking pot shots at the drone with my gosh darn-diddly-arn Directly-Injected 5mW 488nm Greenish-Blue (“cyan”) Laser Pen.

«Le paquet brûlant quelque peu gros de brindilles» (FOUTU FAGOT) ces vous voyez est le pilote — je naturellement! {The somewhat fat “burning bundle of twigs” (FV¢K¡NG F46607) that you see is the pilot — me of course!}

More info. on my website about the Hubsan X4 Star PRO H507A GPS R/C Camera Drone on its web page at, the Directly-Injected 5mW 488nm Greenish-Blue (“cyan”) Laser Pen at, and the anemometer that I used at

This drone makes a uranation-poor aerial videography platform because it does not have a gimbal — the camera is hard-mounted directly into the drone’s fuselage.

* Cool w. (weather) in this context means an ambient temperature of 33°F (0.6°C) to 51°F (10.6°C) at flight time.

** piddle-poor because the drone failed to gain altitude despite having a known-fully-charged flight battery installed.


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