Walkera Vitus 320 A DJI Mavic Knockoff

Published on 11/08/2017

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Walkera Vitus 320 is an Aerial filming Folding Drone that is equipped with GPS, a 4K Camera, 3 axis stabilized gimbal, HD Video Transmission and 3 directions of Obstacle avoidance sensors. Following closely in the steps of DJI, Walkera releases the Vitus 320 that resembles DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter with similar features as well. With all the serious hardware configurations and big claims in cleverly made advertising videos from Walkera, questions like these are sure to arise in every mind. Is it just another DJI Mavic Clone or is it something better? Is it really going to perform as walkera advertises in their cleverly designed advertising video? Well, You can find the answer to this and many more questions in these two video reviews of the all new Walkera Vitus 32. Well for sure, Walkera Vitus 320 has something better than DJI Mavic Pro. And that are the 3 directions of Obstacle detection and avoidance, and Virtual Reality Games, that you can play while flying your drone. How good are those obstacle avoidance sensors and are they really working the way its advertised, well to be honest, they do work but at distances that we call dangerously close. Whats more, Walkera Vitus 320 is claimed to offer 25 minutes of flight time, Gesture mode selfies, Auto Follow with Object Tracking and much more. For sure walkera has brought a very good drone with very bold claims of amazing nice features. Sadly though, some of those key features are totally missing from the app, so you won’t be able to play with those for a while until walkera finds Engineers that can code those probably. Then of course there are more glitches to surprise you and make you feel just home with a Walkera Product. All in all, its a very good product and very good hardware. Let us hope walkera decides to back this product up, support disappointed clients and releases those claimed features soon. Until then, Just watch this video and decide by yourself if you want to go for Walkera Vitus 320 or spend a little more money to buy DJI Mavic Pro and stay with peace of your mind.

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Quick demo Xiaomi bag (2 min 0 sec)

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